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After 33 years, Desert Ministries has shut its doors. Effective August 31, we will no longer be open.
We thank you for having been part of our family.

God Bless You.

New Materials



Commemorative CD

As part of the ongoing celebration of Dr. Comie’s life and ministry, Desert Ministries has selected three personal favorites from the large collection of sermons we have in our database.


“Book Review of the Bible..” - CD

Dr. Cromie delivers a Sermon that serves as a “Book Review of the Bible.” Originally recorded in 1986 at First Presbyterian Church of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.




Have You Ever Been To Bethlehem

By Dr. Richard M. Cromie

A collection of Dr. Cromie’s Christmas Sermons, this publication includes 12 inspirational Christmas sermons and is part of our one year celebration of Dr. Cromie.

When You Lose Someone You Love

By Dr. Richard M. Cromie

After thirty years of sharing the losses of friends, family, and parishioners, Dr. Cromie condenses Biblical Wisdom and practical advice on what you can do when death intrudes.


Sometimes Before the Dawn

By Dr. Richard M. Cromie

Building from sermons, this book will deepen your faith and allow you to borrow on the power and peace of the Resurrected Jesus with gusto and grace.


A Journey Through Cancer

By Melanie Bone M.D. & Richard M. Cromie D.D.

Cancer patients as well as their friends and families, will richly benefit from the spiritual, professional and personal guidance offered in this remarkable book. Dr. Bone shares her individual journey through cancer, starting with life before cancer followed by diagnosis, treatment and life as a survivor dealing with the uncertainty of recurrence.


You Now Have Custody of You: Christian Responses to Marriage and Divorce

By Dr. Richard M. Cromie

This book explores some of the issues of Marriage and Divorce in our time. It examines some of the most significant passages in the Bible to see what the Old and New Testaments have to say.


Prayers Against Depression

By Dr. Lance Martin, Oil Paintings by Carol Martin

"For the better part of the past forty years, I have suffered from a disease which modern medicine now identifies as clinical depression. I have written these prayers and Carol has devoted four oils to them for all who battle against depression. May they help your pilgrimage -- in some small way -- to the promised land of healing."


When Your Life Includes a Wheelchair

By Marilyn Murray Willison

Wheelchair users face barriers everyday—barriers of architecture as well as barriers of attitude. In her book, Marilyn Willison often addresses these barriers with humor and offers very practical advice to others in similar situations. Woven throughout the book is Marilyn's spirited strength, which has sustained her on her most amazing journey.



My Commitment

By Dr. John Calvin Reid

Meditations grounded in Scripture that focus on prayer. This is a resource to support people who want to pray with greater depth and meaning.