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Our Newest Book – A Guidebook for a Pastor Search Committee


One of the the questions that is so often asked is, “how and when do I approach someone who I know is hurting?” Through our years of ministering to congregations all over the country we have come to a simple solution: It is better to approach someone and provide comfort than to “give them their space.” We welcome a helping hand, a patient voice and, most of all, someone to talk to.

Which brings us to a second point: There is no magic potion to offer, no secret password that can be stated. What is invaluable is to talk and to listen. It takes time and care to ease the pain that we sometimes suffer. Doing so with others makes this journey less harsh.

If you are going through what we sometimes call the sundry deserts of life or know someone who is, we encourage you to join our congregation through the ministry we provide in our materials. They are often used as an extended “sympathy card” or as a “conversation piece.” All products are free of charge; as is shipping. Our purpose is to help those that may benefit from spiritual guidance as they face the challenges of life.

We welcome your feedback and/or your request for prayer.