Our Beginning

Welcome to Desert Ministries

Our Beginning

Desert Ministries was originated in 1982. One spring day, Dr. Cromie was in Arizona and watched the barren desert come to life when a torrential rain came down. Remembering what the Biblical prophet Isaiah said, “The desert will blossom and flourish when the living water comes.” Dr. Cromie, with his wife and some friends, recognized the need for sharing his then two decades of experience as a pastor. Desert Ministries was created to provide the Living Water of Christ to any and all passing through the sundry deserts of life: death, divorce, cancer, alcoholism, suicide, etc.

Thanks to Eleanor B. Simpson, the Charter Executive Director of DMI and others, DMI began quite modestly to serve clergy, lay persons, churches and others. Thanks to the blessing of the Lord and the devotion of many, it is now a prospering Christian Organization located in Charlotte NC.

“Let the wilderness and the parched land be glad…

Then the eyes of the blind will be opened. And the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then the lame will leap like deer, and the dumb shout aloud; for water will spring up in the wilderness and torrents flow in the desert.”

Isaiah 35